Park Rules, Regulations & Permits Information

Park Rules & Regulations

  • Park hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., with winter hours from 8 a.m. until dusk.
  • No bench or table is to be changed or removed without township approval.
  • Do not deface, injure, remove, cut or damage any of the trees, plants, shrubs, turf, buildings or fixtures.
  • Do not annoy others in the park.
  • No persons or group totaling 10 or more can gather in a park pavilion without a township permit.
  • Use of shelters by permit only. Each permit requires a deposit and rental fee.
  • Alcoholic beverages are restricted, alcohol may be consumed if the following conditions are met. More food than alcohol is present. Consumption of alcohol by underage persons is illegal and strictly prohibited.
  • The exclusive use of alcohol is not permitted in the park.
  • Do not set up a booth, table or stand for the sale of any articles without written township consent.
  • No dumping of garbage, waste or litter in the park.
  • Do not deface any posted notice or regulation.
  • Do not place any notice or placard without township approval.
  • No open fires permitted. Fires only made in stoves or special fireplaces provided. Charcoal or wood fires only. Do not use park wood.
  • No discharging of firearms, archery or other propelled devices in the park.
  • No hunting or trapping on park property.
  • No unlicensed vehicle, all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle or dirt bike in the park.
  • Do not bring pets into the park.
  • No swimming, skating or boating in or on the park lake, unless approved by the township.
  • No sledding in the park.
  • Do not exceed the 5 miles per hour (mph) park speed limit. Do not park in the grass or along the park road areas.
  • Do not climb, sit, stand or walk on any tree, sign, building or other park structures.
  • No tents, shacks, shelters, trailers or other overnight camping structures permitted unless approved by the township.
  • No hobby devices in the park unless approved by the township.
  • No “live bait” fishing.
  • No inflatable or playground apparatus, petting zoo or live animals will be permitted without approval of the township management.


Violations of any of the above rules and regulations shall result, upon conviction, of a fine up to $300 and costs of prosecution for each and every offense.


Please call the Hopewell Township Police Department or the park caretaker if you see any violation. Your help and concern will make our community park a better place to visit and enjoy.

Permit Information

All permits required by this ordinance must be posted at specific confines at the park. For a permit or information call the Hopewell Township municipal building at 724-378-1460 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.