Zoning Ordinances

Adopted Ordinances

Currently the Township has in effect the adopted Township Zoning Ordinance Number 2004-01 and the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance Number 91-2.

Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

The Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance regulates and provides the process on how properties and land tracts may be subdivided and developed in a consistent, practical and comprehensive manner to the benefit of the community.

Zoning Districts

The Hopewell Township Zoning Ordinance provides for 12 different zoning districts ranging from R-1 Residential-Agriculture to C-1 Highway Commercial to RID Riverfront Industrial District. Each particular zoning district allows for specific permitted uses, conditional uses or uses by special exception which are appropriate for the district defined. The zoning ordinance establishes the general requirements and the supplemental regulations for each particular district and the overall Township. View the Hopewell Township Zoning Map (PDF).

Online Documents & Forms

The Township has many forms and pamphlets available to help guide the individual through the permitting process. Please visit the Online Documents and Forms page to view various documents and forms.


If you have a specific question or need assistance in any matters related to the Planning and Zoning office, please call 724-375-3112.

Questions regarding the Planning office please call the Township Manager 724-378-1460.