Forms & Applications

Planning & Zoning

  1. Application for Appeal to Zoning Hearing Board (PDF)
  2. Building Code Appeal Application (PDF)
  3. Building Permit Guideline (PDF)
  4. Building Permit Required Forms (PDF)
  5. Commercial Plan Review Submittal Form (PDF)
  6. Conditional Use Application (PDF)
  7. Construction Permit Application and Instructions (PDF)
  8. Fireworks Display Application (PDF)
  9. Grading Permit Ordinance Application (PDF)
  10. Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit Instructions and Application (PDF)
  11. Logging Timbering Application (PDF)
  12. Occupancy Permit Application (PDF)
  13. Ordinance 79-6 Grading and Filling (PDF)
  14. Ordinance 79-6 Grading and Filling Permit Application (PDF)
  15. Pennsylvania One Call Information (PDF)
  16. Performance Bond Instructions and Application (PDF)
  17. Planning Application and Checklist Form (PDF)
  18. Recent Zoning Amendments (PDF)
  19. Residency Status Occupancy (PDF)
  20. Road Bond Application for hauling over 8 Tons (PDF)
  21. Sewage Facilities Planning Module Application Mailer (PDF)
  22. Shed, Deck, Fence, and Accessory Structure Zoning Permit Application (PDF)
  23. Solicitors Application Ordinance (PDF)
  24. Stormwater Management Ordinance (PDF)
  25. Street Opening Ordinance (PDF)
  26. Street Opening Permit (PDF)
  27. Subdivision and Land Development Application (PDF)
  28. Subdivision Ordinance (PDF)
  29. Swimming Pool Guidelines (PDF)
  30. Temporary Portable Storage Units (PDF)
  31. Timber Harvest Ordinance (PDF)
  32. Yard Sale Permit Application (PDF)
  33. Zoning Map (PDF)
  34. Zoning Officer Report (PDF)
  35. Zoning Ordinance 2004-01 Part 1 of 2 (PDF)
  36. Zoning Ordinance 2004-01 Part 2 of 2 (PDF)
  37. Zoning Ordinance Amendment Application (PDF)