Hopewell Sewer Plant Operations/WPC Operations

Hopewell Township Sewer Department

Public Works-Sewer/WPCS

The Water Pollution Control Plant provides sewer service to customers of Hopewell Township.

The department performs the following activities: Wastewater Treatment Plant operations and maintenance, Wastewater Laboratory, Sewer line and Lift Station operations and maintenance, and billing/accounting (at the Administrative Building).

The plant has a daily average flow of 2.5 MGD.


There are 2 plants:

  • Racoon (103 Pollack Lane, Aliquippa, PA 15001)
  • Wickham (109 Garnet Street, Aliquippa, PA 15001)

There are 10 pump stations:

  • Pump Station 1 (Queens Mills)
  • Pump Station 2 (McKinley)
  • Pump Station 3 (Wilson)
  • Pump Station 4 (South Heights)
  • Pump Station 5 (Hampton Court)
  • Pump Station 6 (Bocktown)
  • Pump Station 7 (Independence Square)
  • Pump Station 8 (Industrial Park)
  • Pump Station 9 (Edgewood)
  • Pump Station 10 (Tee Line)

The sewer plant has 5,615 active accounts including residential, commercial, apartment buildings, etc.

Wastewater Collection and Conveyance

Department responsibilities include operation and maintenance of the collection system and pumping stations, as well as maintenance of major treatment facility equipment. Staffing currently includes 8 full time employees. The WPCS Supervisor leads the Department, with direct supervision of the collection system staff.

Operation and maintenance of the collection system includes television inspection and maintenance on Hopewell Township-owned sewer lines and maintenance on 10 Hopewell Township-owned pumping stations. Maintenance of the treatment facility equipment includes preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance on mechanical and electrical equipment.

Wastewater Treatment

Hopewell Township owns and operates the WPCS Sewer. The facility utilizes preliminary, primary, and secondary treatment processes to achieve compliance with its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. Preliminary treatment mechanically removes debris such as rags and grit that may be harmful to downstream equipment. Primary treatment is designed to remove settable and floatable solids. Secondary treatment utilizes a combination of chemical and biological processes to reduce any remaining constituents to a level that is set by the NPDES Permit. All materials removed from the wastewater, called biosolids, are treated and disposed utilizing environmentally sound and approved methods.

The responsibilities of this department include operation and general maintenance of the treatment facility and grounds, laboratory testing, industrial pretreatment, and trucked waste management. Facility staffing currently includes one Manager, two Certified Sewer Plant Operators and several in training. Laboratory, Pretreatment and Trucked Waste staffing includes, one Certified Laboratory Technician. These staff members work to protect and improve the surrounding environment and the quality of the downstream water utilized for consumption and recreation.

chris desk
Hopewell Twp Wpc System Logo
  1. Chris Thompson

    WPCS Supervisor

  2. Hopewell Sewage Plant

    Physical Address
    103 Pollack Lane
    Aliquippa, PA 15001

    Phone: 724-378-4875

Engineering and Technical Services

The Engineering Department at Hopewell Township is responsible for providing engineering related services and the management of the Information Technology infrastructure.

Some of the responsibilities of the Engineering Department include:

  • Review of permit applications and development plans for proposed construction
  • Preparing reports for government agencies
  • Management and inspection of Capital Projects
  • Preparing requests for proposals and bid specifications
  • Integration and development of GIS data to provide support to WPCS staff
  • Management, support and development of computer applications and hardware