Hopewell Township Public Works - Road Department

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The Hopewell Township Public Works — Road Department provides services fundamental to safety and the quality of living in our community. Many of these important services go unnoticed until the snow flies and our roads are left with potholes ravaging the roads. The Road Department goes far beyond plowing snow and repairing potholes in our neighborhood streets. And, spring and summertime tasks are very labor intensive to keep our streets clean, identified and in working order.

Public Works employs Superintendent Dave Kriger, two Operators, three CDL Drivers and 1 Laborer . All members of the Road Department maintain vehicles and equipment for the department and other township vehicles. They are ready to respond for any township problem from potholes, clogged storm sewers and more. The innovative road department, who can design equipment with scraps of metal, keep our Hopewell Township roads running in great shape.

They work year-round to ensure that the township’s infrastructure remains in good condition and functional, and they make sure the township roads are plowed and salted during ice and snowfalls, and they fix the road base saving money before paving. The Public Works Department responds to local emergencies that may arise from clogged storm sewers, potholes, and other issues related to the roads. They are in charge of signage for each road, as well as the Depository for residents. 

Hopewell Township Road Department Provides:

  • Road Maintenance/Repair
  • Storm Sewer Maintenance
  • Signs
  • Tree trimming along the roads
  • Snow & Ice Removal
  • Depository Services 

A Word About Our Roads
Hopewell Township has an informal Road Paving Program to provide long-range planning for the maintenance of the Township’s owned and maintained roadways. It is the blueprint to maintain the Township’s roads that are in good condition while improving roads that are in poor condition. The condition of roads are reviewed periodically to determine the proper maintenance. In early spring as our roadways dry out, the daunting task of repairing potholes can be seen in every community. The Road Department does everything it can to set a good base before the paving company paves the designated road. While repaving roads seems slower that we would like, roads are prioritized based on the probability that the road will stay in good shape for 10-15 years.

Many roadways are the responsibility of the Commonwealth. On the right side bar, you will find a list of roads in our area that are NOT maintained by Hopewell Township.

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