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Financial Department

Hopewell Township’s Finance Department covers a wide range, from basic bookkeeping to analyzing and compiling financial data to support the Township Commissioners and Township Manager in making strategic decisions.
The Finance Department consists of:
Controller (Financial Accounting Administrative Manager) –, 724-378-1460 x 103
Human Resource/Payroll Manager, 724-378-1460 x 102
Accounts Payable Officer –, 724-378-1460 x 108
Assistant Controller –, 724-378-1460 x 128
Sewer Accounts Receivable Clerk –, 724-378-1460 x 129

The Finance Department’s duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

Accounts Payable for General Funds/State Funds/Sewer Funds and all Grants.
Accounts Receivable for General Funds/State Funds/Sewer Funds and all Grants.
Financial Reporting to the Board of Commissioners and each Department Head Monthly.
Compliance Reporting with DCED/Liquid Fuels/Pension Reporting for State Aid Including AG385 ACT 215, both Municipal Minimum Requirements for Uniformed and Non-uniformed Plans and Mockenhaupt Reporting/PURTA Tax Report/PAUC Act 13.
Banking & Investment Functions /Payment of Bonds and Reporting to MBRS (Bond funding requirements).
Payroll prep and reporting for withholding and reporting/ MRM Workers Comp/ /Reporting of payroll for arbitration hearings. Organization of 4 different union contracts to make sure we are complying with all legal terms.
Fixed asset depreciation and recording for all funds and Yearly reporting to Valuation Engineers.
Insurance for Township Properties/Flood Insurance for Sewer/Elected Officials and each fleet vehicle/Bonding for employees and Real Estate Collector. (Yearly Reporting for Insurance Company). Payments for employee healthcare through banking system.
Open Records Officer—Responding to Right to Know Requests.
Purchase of Fixed assets with Banks, Leasing Agents, Etc.
Reporting to Assessment Office for Sewer for Upset Sales and to Solicitor for Judicial Sales.
Budget Support & Preparation. Including list for computer replacement within the township.
Audits of Liquid Fuels/Pension audits (both Uniformed and Non-Uniformed) and Township overall Audit. Any audits required by grants.

Budget Process
Beginning in September, staff members meet with the Township Board of Commissioners to outline and prepare the next year’s budget, The total available monies for the year are broken up by revenue, expenditures, and fund reserve. The budget process continues until the final adoption by the Board of Commissioners in December.
Hopewell Township’s main revenues come from real estate taxes, local enabling taxes, permits, interest, departmental fees, licenses, and shared revenue fees.
Budget expenditures are broken down by department. Reflected are all expenses, including purchases workers compensation and insurance.

Audited Financial Statements
The Township is audited annually by a Certified Public Accounting Firm. The Township’s financial condition is reported to the Department of Community and Economic Development by the auditors no later than April 1st of each year using DCED Form DCED-CLGS-30 Annual Audit and Financial Report.
The Auditors will also prepare the Independent Auditors Report and the Annual Financial Statements. The Director prepares the Management Discussion and Analysis. These reports are combined as one document and presented to the Board of Commissioners as the Annual Financial Statements and Required Supplementary and Supplementary Information.


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